PlayStation Vita Import Prices Drops Significantly

With the Christmas holiday season finally over; the import price of the PlayStation Vita has dropped significantly.

Originally priced at $525 for the Wi-Fi, the Vita has dropped nearly $100 making it only $459 via Play-Asia. Anyone that purchased at the original price seems to be out of luck, but at least they’re too busy enjoying their Vita’s to care.

With the release of the Vita in other regions approaching, it’s hard to tell how much further it will drop if at all.


Konami has announced that it’s teaming up with Hori to release these frankly awesome Nintendo 3DS Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater themed accessories. Hori’s accessory kit will be released on March 8th to coincide with the release of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater in Japan. Konami’s online store is now taking pre-orders.

Explore Morrowind and Cyrodiil… in Skyrim

Skyrim is a massive game. With 50 hours invested so far, I’ve only touched a fraction of the content and I’m so excited to see what else there is. However, the idea of expansions, while awesome, is quite frightening. In regards to possible expansions, it seems a particularly adventurous Tumblr user has made quite the discovery. 

It seems Bethesda has painstakingly crafted a good deal more landmass than was necessary for their latest time sink. The poster traveled to the Southern-easternmost edge of Skyrim, Stendarr’s Beacon, then made his way to a path that ends in an invisible wall at a stone archway to what would logically be Morrowind.  

Like any good PC player, he jumped into no-clip mode and kept on walking only to find that he was, as suspected, traveling through Morrowind, albeit a decreasingly textured, scaled down version of it. He made is way to Solstheim, an island to the north, as well as Vvardfell. From Morrowind he was able to reach Cyrodiil where he eventually found the Imperial City. 

It’s all pretty cool, but does it mean anything? The obvious guess would be that they’ve got plans for expansions. The adventurer suggests that maybe Bethesda built these sections to give modders more to work with. It’s also possible that they built it all to give themselves a frame of reference for their work on the province of Skyrim. Regardless, it’s a really cool find.

Mugen Power’s New 3DS Battery Is Impressive, Expensive

apanese battery manufacturer Mugen Power has made an ingenious new battery extender for the Nintendo 3DS, extending the battery’s life 4.4 times over while retaining the original aesthetics of the system. No gaudy grips or anything, just some extra bulk added onto the system. It’s not the most organic design, but it’s effective at providing more power to the system, and it’s one of the few accessories like this that manages to flush with the original device well.

Unfortunately, it’s got a 9,800 Yen ($126) price tag along with it, and I haven’t seen any import dealers around that are selling it.


Sony Details How to Get Your PSP UMDs on Your PS Vita

Sony has recently told people how they can expect to get their physical PSP games onto their Vita.  This is an important clarification, as backwards compatibility is a key deciding adoption factors for a lot of gamers.  Myself included.  This is an important clarification to me, as I really would like to know if I can load my copies of games like Metal Gear Solid: Portable OpsPersona 3 Portable and, most importantly, OutRun 2006: Coast to Coast.

Luckily, the Japanese PlayStation Vita site has the details.  In order to transfer your PSP games to digital PSN titles, you will need to download the UMD Passport System App from the PSN.  You will run the UMDs game by game to register the game, and this will register them to your account.  Then, for a small fee, you will be able to redownload your games.  This actually seems like a great system, and the fees aren’t that high at all.  The fees, only revealed in Yen so far, range from 500 Yen for games like Guilty Gear Judgment to roughly 1,500 yen for newer games like Persona 3 Portable.  In American currency, that is roughly between $6 and $19.

The system seems relatively hassle free, though I’m sure some will complain.  I just hope I can continue to playOutRun on the new system when the Vita comes out next year.


My Skyrim Character 

My Skyrim Character 

Battlefield 3 may turn you into an animal murderer

In case you’ve somehow forgotten how mind bogglingly odd PETA are, they’ve been kind enough to jump up and down, shouting nonsense in hopes that you’ll pay attention to them again. Continuing their confused crusade on behalf of animals, they’ve spotted yet another poor beastie which they hope to exploit for more donations. This time it’s a rat. A rat that you kill in Battlefield 3. He doesn’t have a name, but I’ve taken the time to give him one to humanize this poor victim. I shall call him Plague Bearer.

Poor wee Plague Bearer was just minding his own business when a mean soldier stabs him and then throws him away. He doesn’t even eat him! It’s atrocious. Despicable. Unacceptable. And not in any way real. According to PETA this sort of animal cruelty inspires young men to go and kill animals. We all know, just like PETA, that if you do something in a videogame, you’ll probably do it in real life too.

PETA issued this press release in Germany, where young people go around slaughtering animals because they saw it done in a film or a videogame. Shame on you, Germany! Plague Bearer probably had a family! The only silver lining in this terrible situation is the fact that this rat murder happens in the single player campaign which was so forgettable that most people probably won’t recall enough of it to be inspired to go and murder their pets. Despite this, PETA still has concerns.

The realistic computer game “Battlefield 3″ treats animals in a sadistic manner. The game gives players the option to kill a rat with a combat knife in the back in order to then lift it by its tail, then toss it away. Killing virtual animals can have a brutalizing effect on the young male target audience. There have been repeated cases of animal cruelty in Germany, where young people kill animals. Inspiration behind these acts often came from movies and computer games.


This limited edition Zelda 3DS is dripping with class

Nintendo might have gone almost a year without much in the way of software, but it sure knows how to pump out that hardware. What you’re looking at is a limited edition recolor of the 3DS, celebrating TheLegend of Zelda's 25th anniversary. 

Confirmed only for Europe so far, the system is quite tastefully presented with a simple gold-on-black design featuring only a subtle logo and border along the top of the case. It also ships with a copy of Ocarina of Time 3D to sweeten the deal. 

I hope this comes to the US


Call of Duty Elite getting choked by mass registrations

It seems that not even the Daemon-fueled Nightmare Engines employed by evil publisher Activision are strong enough to cope with the demand for Call of Duty EliteModern Warfare 3's subscription-based social network is apparently stuck in a “bottleneck” right now as servers strain to cope with a ludicrous influx of new members.

"Registration requests for our new live service Call of Duty Elite are exceeding even our most optimistic expectations, which is creating a bottleneck and some players have not been able to register,” confessed developer Beachhead in an official post. “We have already registered hundreds of thousands of players and we are working around the clock to increase our capacity as quickly as possible.

"Please be assured your gameplay data is safe and that whenever you successfully register for Call of Duty Elite, all of your data will be waiting for you. So enjoy the game, start ranking up and we assure you we are working around the clock to accommodate every player who wants to be a part of Call of Duty Elite as quickly as possible. We will update you frequently to keep you informed.”

Wow. I expected it to be popular, but so popular that it breaks. People are just that crazy about their COD, I guess. As much as I like the series, I’d certainly not want to spend more money on a social network themed around it, but apparently a lot of people do. Good for them!


Skyrim Goes Gold… One Week Before Launch

Last night, almost exactly one week before the game goes live, the team at Bethesda finally finished “over 20 versions of Skyrim — across multiple platforms, languages, and countries.” Yeah, they’re cutting it pretty close there, but I’ve gotta give them credit for putting in that much work on the game. It takes a ton of work to make a game like this, and people are definitely expecting a lot (a lot) from Skyrim. You can’t deny that this team really cares about what they do, and I have so much respect for the fact that they’re willing to put enough work into a game to the point where they’re only calling it done a week before release.

To celebrate, the folks over at Bethesda enjoyed some gold mead, appropriate for the occasion.